Intro to Beer Reviews

Welcome to Les Waller Beer Reviews!

When I started this, my initial plan was to have a way for me to keep track of what beer I liked or did not like. That way, I would know what I wanted to buy when I went out for beer and could always have what I liked most stocked in the refrigerator.
I kept my rating system very simple in the beginning with just a thumbs up or down or so-so motion with the hand. Later on, I changed to a five-point system as I thought the “simple” system was too simple and not definitive enough. Not long after posting this to my re-designed web site I will be changing my beer reviews to better reflect what I have learned and to make it more entertaining and educational for those who watch my beer reviews.
Cheers! Prost! 乾杯!干杯!건배! Santé!

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